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    Sanxing Ultra-fine Wood Flour Machine
  • A two-stage and two-compartment wood flour machine  Patent No.: ZL200720093093.2
    A three-stage wood flour machine  Patent No.: ZL200720093089.6
    A multi-stage herbs pulverizer  Patent No.: ZL200720093088.1
    Ultra-fine wood flour making machine is a kind of new type super fine wood flour making equipment, which is recently developed with the domestic and foreign high-tech advanced technology. Through innovation of integrating the crushing principle of all kinds of traditional wood flour making machine both at home and abroad, this machine is successfully developed from a wood flour making machine of traditional crushing principle to high-efficiency energy-saving wood flour crusher integrating three kinds of crushing principle through bold assumption of research and development personnel in our company and integrating many kinds of crushing principle both at home and abroad. This machine has fineness analyzer and is a new-type powder manufacturing equipment specializing in special difficult crushing materials such as light material, materials of fiber type, brittle material and flexible material, etc. The feed port of the machine is of auto-suction type so that it can ensure the safety in production. It is superior to conventional crusher which is subject to direct feeding and will be damaged by metal blocks. The wood flour making machine is deliberately manufactured and processed, adopting double-layer structure with interlayer.
    1. It can be poured into water for cooling effect.
    2. Installed with a new material, it has the function of sound insulation and heat dissipation. Thus the machine has low noise and no vibration in use. Besides, beautiful and durable, it offers high output, with efficiency rising 50% or above than conventional wood flour machine. Therefore, it is ideal high-tech equipment that is irreplaceable by any other crusher.

    Ultra-fine Wood Flour Making Machine  
    Stainless Steel Ultra-fine Wood Flour Making Machine
    Cycling wind ultra-fine wood flour making machine is a machine which our factory latest researched and developed. This machine increases the fineness of wood flour to 800-1000 mesh and solves the shortage problem of ultra-fine powder in the market. Meanwhile in the process of milling, it can provide two level areas (general level area and ultra-fine level area). As soon as launching on the market, this machine occupies a leading position in the wood flour machine market for its reasonable design, low loss, little noise, no pollution and easy operation.
    Parameter of Ultra-fine Wood Flour Machine


    SX-500 type
    SX-700 type
    Feed size (mm)
    Finesse (mesh)
    60-1000 mesh
    60-1000 mesh
    Output (hard material)
    30-500 kg/h
    30-600 kg/h
    Rotary speed of main shaft (r/min)
    2900 r/min
    2900 r/min
    Matched power engine (KW)
    22-30 KW
    30-37 KW
    Fan power (KW)
    4 KW
    5.5 KW
    Analyzer power (KW)
    1.5 KW
    1.5 KW
    Suitable hardness (Mohs, level)
    Below level 7
    Below level 7

    Notes: Since the variety of material is numerous, the output and fineness shall depend on the proportion of materials.
    Feature of ultra-fine wood flour making machine:
    1. The range of finished products¡¯ fineness is wide;
    2. Comprehensive properties of this wood flour machine are the best and its finished products¡¯ fineness simultaneously presents two levels.